Day Service Options

Day Service Option (DSO)

The DSO program provides positive social interaction and enrichment for adults who do not participate in employment programs. Participants enjoy a variety of individual and group activities that focus on increasing skills to learn how to be as independent as possible in their home and community environment.

Typical activities include: exercise, cooking, finance and budgeting skills, social skills, volunteering, gardening; computers; sign language; safety; nutrition; hygiene. In addition, we visit local attractions including museums, parks, theatre and sporting events where clients work on daily living skills in a natural environment.

SMILE (Seniors Maintaining Independent Lifestyles Everyday)

The SMILE program is intended for retired or slower-paced individuals who are age 50+. People with intellectual disabilities are aging at unprecedented rates and have unique health and service needs. As health and medical advancements have helped these adults live longer, the focus and scope of our services has evolved to meet the various needs of these aging adults.

Typical activities include: exercising, salon days, pet therapy, coffee hour, interactive video games, mental acuity games, art therapy, recreational activities in the community and more.

Individualized Day (ID)

The ID program provides services that are tailored for adults who do not attend a day program, but would like a program built to their personal needs. ID is offered in conjunction with our Day Service Option (DSO). Clients enjoy a variety of activities that achieve community inclusion, recreational enjoyment and skill building. Services can be provided in their home, nursing facility or out in the community.

The Avenues Program

The Avenues Program is designed to increase indepenence, enhance community inclusion and improve the quality of life for young adults with intellectual disabilities ages 18 to 21. We provide positive social interaction and enrichment for young adults to meet the ongoing and ever changing needs of youth with intellectual disabilities, with the emphasis on building life skills.

We have the unique opportunity to work with both the individual and their families to explore the different avenues available as they transition to the next chapter in their lives.

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Day Service Options Contacts

Marie Watson,
(203) 931-4004 x204

Michelle Cofield,
Assistant Director
(203) 931-4004 x217

Davaul Amin,
Hiring Manager
(203) 931-4004 x208

Karl Pepin,
Program Manager, ID
(203) 931-4004

Keri McLaughlin,
Program Manager, DSO
(203) 931-4004 x202

Skyla Drader,
Program Manager,
The Avenues
(203) 931-4004 x213

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