Positive Youth Development

Positive Experiences + Positive Relationships + Positive Environments = Positive Youth Development


The Positive Youth Development (PYD) program is a 26-week after-school enrichment program for students in grades 1 through 6, which operates from school dismissal until 5pm. Transportation is provided to return the children home at the end of the program day.

Participating students generally attend two sessions per week and are engaged in fun activities that facilitate their social growth and encourage healthy, positive lifestyles.  Instruction in theme concentration areas - sports, performing arts, scientific exploration - helps children build skills and explore new interests. Each session also includes homework assistance from staff members.

Students are encouraged to work collaboratively on projects contrtibuting their ideas, concerns and affirmations while also setting the standards for behavior and respect. Once a consensus is reached, it is documented and signed by each student. The document becomes their code of conduct which is referred to on a daily basis. The daily schedule accomodates homework assistance, snack time, physical activity and theme unit all contributing to the development of the whole child.

Family engagement is an integral part of Positive Youth Development programs. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year that allow family participation including "Minute to Win It"-style game night, family field trips, family Zumba classes and a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Kids in the Neighborhood

Kids in the Neighborhood is the PYD program for students in grades 1-4 provided at Forest and Savin Rock schools. The 2014-15 school year theme is "Gizmos and Gadgets" where students create science contraptions and explore the hows and whys of energy and motion with an action-reaction rocket. Students keep notebooks to record their predictions and results while working cooperatively in small groups to discuss their activity.

Carrigan Program

The Carrigan program is for students in grades 5 and 6 provided at Carrigan Intermediate School. The 2014-15 school year theme is "Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)" where students learn about the different dimensions in the field of forensic science including the proper collection and storage of evidence. The students participate in evidence-based activities including fingerprints, shoeprints, dental impressions and handwriting identification in a simulated crime scene where they put their investigave skills to the test.



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